Monday, January 11, 2010

state of mind

So you have one last flame, dancing in the wind, threatening to get blown out
any moment. Half-heartedly, you cup your palms around it, trying to protect it
and at the same time wondering if you should just allow it to die.

Work ethic
I'm not supposed to browse at my workplace. Not that some nerd is monitoring our systems and preparing reports about our online habits. Not even that I give a darn to my manager who sits a few feet away and who can view my monitor in full glory by just turning his neck. Company policy: written: Sit at your desk for 8 hours. Unwritten: Don't browse the internet for non-work purposes.

Yet I break both of them, the unwritten one more so often. Call it slacking off. Or bored-to-death-with-routine. Or squemish rebellion. Or addiction to information-stuffing. Or a five year old habit. Work here gets miserable when the internet goes down. The net is the tonic which helps me finish the job, so that I can hop back onto the information highway. Good? Bad? Who cares, as long as I'm getting the job done for which I'm paid month after month.

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  1. Everyone needs a break and I personally think that the more freedom we give workers and the more we evaluate them on what they produce...rather than what they do...the better the business model. But having written that...BE CAREFUL!