Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small things

If you wanna do something, just do it, don't speak about it. I told her last night that I'd want to meditate once tejas falls asleep. 'Atleast for an hour', I thought. And it never happened. Tiredness overtook my will to wake up, get out of bed and sit for meditations.

Would I have done it had I not spoken about it? 'If you want to do something and you're desperate enough, you'll do it no matter what. Why put the blame on something external for your lack of will?'

Maybe not speaking about a goal is also a part of that Will do to something. A tiny part. The major part must be one's desperation and passion to pursue a goal, to do something one finds important.


  1. Or maybe you just need to get up early in the morning while they are all still sleeping? Or are you that desperate in your goal?

  2. haha, yes, I should, I should. But it again begs the same questions? And am I that desperate.....? Probably not, that's why I'm beating myself here instead of just shutting up and sitting for meditations. :-)