Friday, November 13, 2009

Chotu rant

Two things happened. One, a long awaited dream got fulfilled, when I purchased a Dell inspiron Laptop. Which means that I can browse/chat/blog/translate late into the night, sitting in the comfort of my small room instead of having to use the common terminal a floor below. Wife and son too have joined the party. He loves Tom and Jerry on Youtube. She's revelling in the new discoveries she's making in the virtual world. Loads of movie and music downloads in the pipeline. Rashomon, An unfinished Life, what not...

Two. When I opened the shiny new laptop and began explaining its features, there were murmurs of approval and congratulations. But amidst these, the congratulating voice was repeatedly getting choked. Lots of clearing throats, all of a sudden.

I know why this happens because it happened to me when I couldn't swallow the fact that my juniors were getting a better salary. My throat got blocked and I had to repeatedly clear it. The emotion found an outlet through my body.

Not that I blame someone for feeling jealous because I could get a beautiful gadget. It's my hard earned money, my long cherished wish, so if you can't enjoy the comfort/success of someone close to you but would rather hide it behind a false smile and artificial words, be warned that your body is speaking the truth. That's all.


  1. Ah! A new lap, I see.... wow! enjoy the smells, sounds and senses of it Vishwa.

    Make it 3 things: that means u are back. say yes!


  2. Mmm....Okay, I'll make it three. Back to regular posting. :-)

  3. This is good news. I really enjoy reading your posts! :)

  4. It is so magical to me that you can sit in your room so far away and read what I and others say, research subject, entertain your children with stories from other lands. This is certainly an unleased genie.

  5. The magic of technology!!! Or maybe, technology is just an excuse, an outlet in these times. The magic was always there and shall remain. As they say, 'Separation is just an illusion--the whole existence is One.'

  6. I too have a Dell Inspiron - and I love the freedom it gives me. I never take it, and the technology, and the connectedness for granted.