Saturday, February 28, 2009

One precious moment

So we'd gathered, more than a thousand, on a pleasant thursday
evening. There were many forgotten faces in the gathering--friends adrift, longlost acquaintances, known faces who'd vanished into the unknown to reappear suddenly. It was pure excitement, notwithstanding some of us not fully grasping the importance of the divine moment. At 7.30 p.m. we prayed as one voice out of thousands, for the light to descend and spread. In seven minutes of tremendous silence, a thousand hearts channeled light and love, along with innumerable friends who'd gathered in different cities and towns across the world. Before stepping back to the noise and hustle of the outside world, we prayed Light to bring peace, love and wisdom to every human being on this beautiful planet. We prayed Light to shine over all darkness within and without, to lead us from the depths of despair to the glory of a new day. We prayed Light to take us into the New Age awaiting at the horizons, to make us light, to make us divine.

Did you participate in this groundbreaking yet silent moment with your wish, your intent or your practice? You can do it this very moment and anytime this moment onwards. Welcome to the dawn of the Light Age!!!

* * *


"...One warm, sunny afternoon on the Oregon Coast, when everyone was laughing and talking and telling their truest stories, I had a wave of sadness come over me and I knew I needed to go sit on the sand for a little time away from my dear friends. Walking towards that massive sea and endless blue sky, I had never felt more solitary in some ways or more alone in this particular part of my journey. I could feel that familiar rush of despair coming to me when the beauty of the place captured my heart. I sat down right there and let the water speak to me, and that blue sky, and I realized I could never be alone really, as long as I was walking on this earth. That the earth herself was holding me, making sure I had a place to land with every step I take...."

Why does this little passage move you to tears? How do these words resonate within you, touching a wellspring of love and connectedness deep inside, making you feel that this experience is yours too? What's the magic behind these words, these emotions?

Jen lemen's blog is pure delight, fun and heartwarming. She says, she's helplessly in love with the idea that stories can change you and me forever. She's so right.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the bestseller, 'Eat, pray, Love', which I haven't read yet, but there's another book of hers 'The last american man', about Eustace convay who's living a wholesome life close to nature, away from the artificiality and insanity of our modern society. I munched, gobbled and drank this book thirstily in 2 days flat and the delicous taste still lingers in memory.

By pure chance I landed up here where she speaks about creativity, genius and her own writing process. Just refreshing.

Do you watch Ted talks? I urge you to watch it. Amazing talks by amazing people.

* * *

You stop, just like that, for one brief moment and you know that this question is staring down at you. Why? Why are you here and what are you supposed to be doing with your life? What's driving you? What do you want out of this life?

Emptiness.... I keep aside all answers that come up immediately and wait. Wait for the answer that's lingering somewhere down there, struggling to come up, burdened under all that conditioning and ready-made theories about life.

I wait for that answer which when takes birth into your awareness, illuminates and sparkles with tremendous brilliance. And has this ring of 'aha! yes. This is it.'...I wait.


  1. For some reason today I keep thinking it is all changes from day to day and not spirit.

  2. I forgot to add that I read Eat, Pray, Love and passed it to my daughter who has since passed it on to her friend. A really good read.

  3. Yes, I came across Eat,Pray,Love a while back. As Tabor says, a good read. Full of colour.

    Lightworkers are changing the world. My old teacher used to say "a change IN thing, is a change OF thing"

  4. Vishwa,
    There is a luminous quality to your writing today, as if the Light is shining through! Beautiful.
    I loved the passage from Jen Lemen's blog.Yes, it does move me to tears, it is so beautiful...
    Have not yet read "Eat,Pray,Love". But your last question - why are we here- is something I keep asking myself. Haven't found a proper answer yet..

  5. Tabor....I agree, I too feel similar sometimes, that it's just chemical(or mechanical) and not spirit related.

    And many times I don't even feel this, for I'm so much lost in the world.

    Then there are some moments where all thinking stops and you're in the presence of something so magnificent, so tremendous yet so still and calm. Thoughts cannot capture that magnificence because there are no thoughts in you. It's like waking up to music after lifetimes of deafness.

    I'm on a journey to make this mystery a part of my life, or to become a part of this tremendous brilliance. I sincerely wish that you too stumble upon this magnificence, that this mystery/magic happens upon you too :-)

    Val...'Eat pray love' and 'life is a verb' are the next two books on my reading list. And Elizabeth gilbert says she's working on a followup to 'Eat....', so my platter is full.

    Meena...Thank you, for your wonderful observations. I deeply appreciate them.