Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Imagine this....

Your maid does all the household chores. She cleans your utensils, brooms and mops your floor, washes the heap of dirty clothes of your entire family-- she does this almost throughout the year--rain or shine, with no holidays, no annual leave, no sick leave. And all of this for a modest sum a month, much less than what you probably spend at Mcdonalds every weekend.

And one day, she tells you that she's four months pregnant. What's your immediate response? What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Do you think--How will she be able to manage this work with a growing baby inside? How difficult could it be for her in the coming months, doing these chores? And she'll probably be back to work within months of delivery--can she handle it?

Or do you think-- God, how can I manage this burden when she stops coming after a few months? Will I find someone who's willing to work for a similar pay? And how many sick leaves will this lady take before she moves out? What to do on such days?

What's your first response? Not the rationalizations you provide later, not the second thougths that flood in. The first and foremost impression!!

What? Honestly.


  1. Damn,...I wish I had a maid!

    (thats my intial thought...honestly!)

  2. Honestly, after reading your first paragraph, I had the realization that I am my cat’s maid.

    To answer your question, my primary reaction would be: “What can I do to help her?”

  3. Haha nick. Then I should ask this question to alex.

    When our maid announced this, the primary reaction around me was 'What next? How will we do our chores?' And this was the reaction of those who'd gone through that phase multiple times.

  4. I would have asked that.....what next? God!! (Selfish I guess!!)

  5. Thought provoking to begin with. A whole lotta selfishness and compassion all confused.

    First time here...saw your site through stumbleupon...

  6. Vishu! if you remember well we told her to stop the work but she continued to work till last 15 days of due date of her delivery ! I wonder how she worked, but working is good even in pregnancy, it's normal up to few months, women swim, go to Yoga etc... but not after few months,..., it's difficult!,... I used get her some thing more to eat and carry heavy thing up so that she is not burdened. Inspite of work and hardships her whole self was glowing with pride of becoming a mother!! I sensed a loving joy in her being at many times !!! :-) After few months of her delivery she again came and asked for work!!!! How much need of money she could be having at that time that she again asked for the same work to do....!! For some, life is journey only to survive !!!!
    God protects and cares all equally through humanity and His miracles are endless in faith !!...... archana.