Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stop for a while, will ya....

I wake up and rush to work. I come home late, chat a bit with archana, attend to a few errands and then try hard to fight off sleep, try to contemplate a bit on all the things that are important. The next thing I know is that it's 8 in the morning and I'm trying to catch another 2 minutes of sleep before rushing again.

Saturdays are filled with innumerable activities, waiting to be attended to. Sunday whizzes past and it's another working week.

I ponder over the insensitive and blind pace of my life as I listen to Kishore.
Mein Zindagi ka saath nibhaata chalaa gaya;
har phikr ko dhue me udhaatha chalaa gaya.
( I walk hand in hand with Life....puffing away every despair, every sorrow...)

It soothes a bit as I finish my last sip of tea and head towards office.


  1. Its hard to strike a balance, isnt it? Perhaps the best we can do is realise that our busy life IS our life, busy or quiet. And that we must make the best of it. One way is to notice it as it whizzes by in a blur, then maybe we can see the individual moments in the blur more clearly and cherish them - busy or quiet. They are all we have after all!

  2. the pressures of modern life. cant complian when we see the wads of notes at month beginning. but yes, once in a while we need to break to monotony and head out for someplace where we can actually LIVE.

  3. haaha appu, busyness and stress is too high a price to pay for a wad of notes at the month's beginning. I feel it's about time-management(or mis-management). But still it gets on your nerves when you do all the right things and still you're gasping for time.

    Val...good perspective. But difficult to arrive at it. I, as a normal human being, crave for certain things(and busyness is not a part of it). Stress arises when I don't seem to get what I wish for.
    Maybe it's a journey for me where in I have to accept and come to love the busy part.