Friday, September 01, 2006

A few highs

It's a hectic day at the office, as usual. We're racing against time to meet a deadline. There's also a general sense of frustration in all the team members because the project is dragging ad infinitum. Everyones's working hard to finish this assignment, relax a bit and move over to the next project. In the midst of all this, my teamleader calls me to the conference room and hands over a letter. It's a pay hike.! Out of the blue!

I'm no doubt excited and proud but also remember that a few months back, everyone else in the team had a hike except me. My team leader says that it's never been done before and I should keep this a secret, etc, etc. Whatever the case, this gesture is deeply appreciated. Money motivates but the knowledge that your efforts are acknowledged motivates immensly.

Thank ya!!!

A few years ago there was a movie. A normal run-of-the-mill blockbuster but this was a bit special. The central character was an angry young man, who later on mellows a bit when he falls in love with a girl.....and the guy who played the role became an overnight sensation. One part of the media portrayed him as a future superstar and started describing him in superlatives. There were articles about his magnetic persona, about how he was a non-descript actor last year and how he has turned the tables around etc, etc, etc. The initial euphoria surrounding any high achiever!

In a strange way, these events instilled a lot of self-belief in myself. How I co-related this young man's success with that of my own or how I related to this person--it remains unknown, but at that time, I felt I could do anything. Nothing seemed impossible any longer. It looks childish and absolutely stupid....finding your inspiration from movie stars and sporting heroes. But however irrational, it was a fact. I felt on top of the world for a short duration. My gait, speech and way of relating to others were positively affected. I could feel the confidence, I could touch it.

Two days ago I had a similar feeling. I was vaguely thinking about my spiritual path, the changes we're going through, the decisions of some of our friends to forfeit their careers and dedicate themselves to the purpose, the immense enthusiasm-passion in others..... Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I could touch the same level of confidence that I'd experienced years ago. Somehow the possibilities before me began to stretch. Just as you feel depressed at times for no reason, here I was sitting in the drawing room, watching primetime news and at the same time, feeling tremendously self-confident. I felt I could just rise up and touch the stars!!! Irrational, illogical but real.

Writing immediately--in a way as the events unfold---I think I attempted it once and it came out well. Haven't done it again since--- I feel, you should do it once in a way, as a way of freshening up your writing. Today, as I'm browsing around, I see a similar post. Needless to say, the writing is powerful, not just because of the style but also because of the content. And the writer is someone who's quite popular in the blogworld. His posts reinforce the idea that you can find stuff to write about wherever you are---what you need is a proper attitude.

In fact, his writing is not only interesting and humourous but also tremendously fresh, as is evident here.

'How many more months?...' She's tired and restless. Everyday seems to be an endless ordeal. The body has its own laws and limitations; every change brings more aches and pains. 'In between, this fellow inside is kicking all around'. I don't know if she's complaining or in a pleasant mood.

We do some random counting. 'Two and a half months more', she sighs.

'Think in terms of weeks. It's another 10 weeks more. You know how fast a week passes. Sundays whizz past and in no time another sunday is at your doorstep'.

She doesn't look convinced. 'I wonder how our elders would give birth to 10-12 children, one after the other. And in those days, there were not much medical facilities--no scanning, no monthly check-ups, no iron-calcium tablets.....'

Becoming a parent makes you more sensitive and respectful towards your own parents. I wonder how Dad and Mom managed to take care of a family of three children, with their modest income. As I ponder over my future and the purpose and what I should do to achieve these, I also think what could've been the motivations and driving forces for Dad and Mom. What were their dreams? Apart from raising children, educating them, marrying them off, ensuring that they are settled in life, what else motivated them day in and day out? How different are we from them and how different will be the next generation?

'You're no different from them,' She interrupts. 'Don't think you're a thees maar khaan !(one who can squash 30 men in one stroke).


  1. Thanks for dropping by over at Arksanctum, Vishwa! I feel I will be posting more about "first steps" on Stepping Stones in the near future, as I did a sponsored abseil today - and indeed the first step over the ledge was the hardest!

  2. Congratulations on your pay hike.I do think it was high, post your post on being left out for no reason.

    No, it isn't silly to get your inspiration from a movie or a super star.As long as the effect is positive and you do, do something about it..I think it is all good.

    Good luck to your wife.It must be quite enduring to got through a 9 month pregnancy.It is beautiful how you try to step into her shoes.

    I have indeed noticed that a lot of people start appreciating their own parents once they them selves start that journey.

    Good luck.

  3. Yes, money motivates! Congratulations. And, I agree that the knowledge that your efforts are acknowledged motivates much more!

    Realizing that I work best under the stress of a deadline, I admit I hate the type of frenzied work you describe. When I was an army officer, it seemed we went from one frenzied activity directly into another. I kept wishing things would become “normal”—until I grasped that what we were doing was normal.

    Awakening/peace/enlightenment can come in many forms and usually when we least expect it. The catalyst may be an actor or a drop of rain. Whatever touches our mind—or our soul.

    "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

    "He is able who believes that he is able."

  4. Nicks....thanks for the wisdom. He is able who thinks he's able----How true it is, isn't it?

    Edu....thanks for the best wishes for me and my wife. Yeah, it's an ordeal and truly a rebirth for the mother once the child is born.

    Val... always enjoy your simple yet insightful posts.

  5. Nice Dude!!!...

    Its Fantastically jotted.....

    Ive never had enough time till date to enjoy your writing..Its great to go thru such a simple yet thought filled thoughts...
    Hope to see more here.....
    Take care..

  6. Popsaananda swaami...

    Thanks a lot. Your feedback is highly valued and cherished.