Monday, September 18, 2006

Face value

A dialogue from Amorres perros--'If you want to make God laugh, tell him of your plans'.

As I'm gazing at a few sheets of paper outlining my plans for today, for the next week and for the coming months, this sentence keeps ringing within. I've prepared several such lists in the past, drawn many plans, dreamt heaven and earth. Looking back, most of them remained on paper. Events happened differently, for better or worse. I didn't pursue my dreams after noting them down in ink.

Dreaming is good. To plan out a path to reach those dreams is better. But both go down the drain if no action follows.

New age literature says that if you have a strong desire and you strengthen it with affirmations and strong thoughts, the desire somehow materialises. I'm skeptical about this. Without acting on a plan, without pursuing a dream diligently, there seems to be no way in which it can become a reality. Positive reinforcement can create the passion and add to the intensity of the action but without an action, there's no fruition. At least, in my case.

You meet a young man in his mid-twenties. He's bright, intelligent yet silent. Academically accomplished. Pursuing a doctoral degree in bio-informatics from a university in States. A seeker. A successful person who's keen on finding the truths of life, who's fascinated by the mystical side of life.

You interact with him. He's much more than an average person. The qualities you wish you had seem to be there in him, somehow. When you're strugling with the basics of the material and the spiritual pursuits, he appears to be an adept in both. Yet he's humble, willing to listen, ready to learn. He's friendly and respectful and evokes these qualities in others.

Before you begin to develop an awe of him, the mask falls down. He's a charlatan. Someone with a twisted thought process, capable of destroying all the good work built over the years. Behind the humble, innocent face lies a scheming mind with a personal agenda. An intelligent person who has a way with words, who can confuse and mislead almost anyone if one isn't careful enough.

No doubt he's kicked out before any damage occurs. Where gaint steps are taken, the stumbling blocks are crushed into dust. Yet this interaction exposes shortcomings within that are yet to be overcome, and the lessons which are still to be learnt. Our vulnerability is exposed but it's also an opportunity to grow sturdy. To become pure yet strong and powerful....capable of crushing all obstacles on the path towards light!

Time is short and the work.....! I realize that I can't fulfill all my dreams, can't watch all my movies, can't digest all of my favourite books, can't browse through all the blogs that I love, may not visit much of the places I hoped to see someday. Can't spend time in superfluous activities henceforth. When too much is on the platter, I need to choose and pursue those of value.

I doubt if blogging falls in this group. I wish I had priority time to scribble thoughts and share it with others--however short the group could be. I hope I find time for regular blogging. I sincerely hope that blogging becomes one of the priority activities for me.


  1. I do identify with plans being just plans.However,I do think one can decide what he wants to do with his 24 hours.Set his priorities and work accordingly.True not everything can be accomplished but atleast try at some thing that is worth while to you.

  2. If I reflect on the dreams and goals I had, oh, 40 or so years ago and compare them with the time that has passed until now, I see no relationship between the two. Unexpected—unplanned—things happen. The path that seemed so straight when we decided to follow it has hidden curves that we’d not expected and even forks that we lead us on journeys to places we hadn’t even know existed. And all of that, to me, is what makes life exciting.

  3. Yeah's exciting because the unexpected happens. But sometimes you wish for the expected to happen too, isn't it?

    Edu...'Men today have so much information that they've lost their common sense'-- goes a saying. This applies to activities as well--so many of them that you wish for simplicity. Like the old days of doordarshan instead of 150 channels today.
    Yeah, ultimately it's about your choice and actions, I agree.

  4. I am reading a book entitled 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell. It talks about the very concept that too much information is not always a good thing. I am about 100 pages near the end, but I do have to say, its a interesting read.

  5. Jen...write about it once you finish. I'd seen the book with roadside vendors--probably will buy it.

  6. and miles to go before i sleep, and miles to go before i sleep.

  7. ok....will do....there are some parts that I kinda "skip" through, cuz some of it seems a bit too researched and I dont want to delve too deeply into it...and it kinda contradicts the whole concept of the book, but ill finish it and give a mini review.

    I am also about 10-15 pages away from the end of Book 2 of the Chronicles of Narnia(the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe) and I totally recommend this one. It is a bit of a parallel to the bible, but I dont totally take that into consideration while reading it. After this book, 5 more to go(they are only like 190 pages long each).

  8. Yes, there are many time—the majority, I suppose, when I wanted the expected to happen. That was especially true when I was an army officer and kept wanting some time of normalcy. Then I finally learned that normalcy in the military is called “crisis” by everyone else.