Sunday, July 02, 2006

Waiting for the light.....

It's within you. YOU are the light!

Did something for the first time. Kept my awareness intact in an intense situation.

An overcast sky, threatening to start pouring any moment! This weather normally depresses you but today, it's soothing.

What's the purpose of your life? What are you doing here--breathing, eating, sleeping, working, dreaming, scheming, blabbering, dozing......What's your role here?

I'm against Unconsciousness. Similar to Edu's 'I'm against reservations', slogan.

Got bitten by the world cup bug. Watched Germany level up and beat Argentina. I always favour the underdogs, whoever they might be. Love it when they come back from the dust and whack the hell out of the stronger one.

Don't like to work on Saturdays.

Can a mother talk to the baby in her womb? Can the kid communicate with the mother? Archana sometimes feels it.

Everything here is possible. You can do anything if you focus and apply your long as you're not hankering for success or running away from failure.

Nick's unemployed no longer. He's as aged as my dad is--similar to dad in a few ways. Reading about his struggles, his friends, his unique observations, his way of life, his subtle sense of humour and the pranks of his pet Alex--- all these are refreshing reminders of the zest for life of an elderly friend from another part of the world. Love being a part of the blog phenomenon where people like Nick share a slice of their lives.

Hot tea arrives. Tea and relaxedness are intertwined. Tea reminds me of Zen.

So much material to read--to understand. Even in the blog world, there are fantastic places-- like this, this and this--which are inexhaustible sources of information and knowledge.

We haven't made any plans for our kid, it's future. Nor will we seriously do, me thinks. He or She will be special, in only one sense. He will be full of love, full of laughter, full of life. He will radiate love.....
The rest are details.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Vishwa—and a thought provoking post.

  2. I guess it is the weather outside ...the heavens ready to open up any time, and the beautiful dullness that follows...,
    every post i read today is warm, a touch of the outside and the personal...

    cya Vishwa...

  3. I'm happy for you nick---nice to read your intimate posts.

    Ash...Long time no see. How are you? How's training and all? Hope all's well. Do blog often.