Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anniversary blues...........

July is called 'Aashada' according to the Indian calender. It's the twilight period between summer and the rains--You have clouds but the rains are yet to unfold their fury. It's drizzly all over. This is also the periods where not many ceremonies are held. No marriages and in orthodox circles, newly weds are forced to stay away from one another througout this month( remember a funny movie in which this happens and the husband falls for his wife's best friend in frustration).

This month is considered inauspicious by many. But according to spiritual wisdom, this is the most auspicious period of the year, when we're flooded with the best energies from the higher planes. Those who knew this devoted all their time and efforts for spiritual practises and kept aside all material pursuits and marriage ceremonies.

Distortions!!! That's the norm.

No, I didn't stay away from the blog world for this reason. Nor did I keep away because I read this ( Admire your clarity of thought and conviction in this piece, but don't agree with your nonsense, dude. Keep your shit in your pocket).

I wanted to blabber about my first birthday as a blogchild. Time flies. Never thought this bunch of time-pass writeups would survive this long, or would be of any real value to sustain my interest for this long. Without unknown friends who read and patted, without other simple yet inspiring blogs, without the tiny squirmishes with hot-headed balloons and without the intimate write ups on some heartful blogspaces which made me think--'Wow, I have something similar to say',-- I might've winded up soon. Thanks to all. I love being here.

A quote comes up from memory-- What's the difference between someone who can't read and someone who doesn't read?-----Nothing.
And what's the difference between someone who has no opportunity and someone who doesn't use his opportunities?

Applies everywhere.

Was busy. And a lot lazy. But will blog often henceforth, even if what comes out is utter drivel. Love to write drivel!


  1. I do agree with the high energy of the month...I feeeeel it!

    But after reading the anti-ceremonies for July...Jassen and I will probably be getting hitched next year(its not official YET but it just makes all the sense in the world). I want it to be June, but my parents are going to be on holiday during that time, so its looking like July.:-S

    I dont know what to do, since I wanted a late spring/eaaaarly summer ceremony....*sighs*

    AND yes, its nearly a year since we both started blogging!! Can you believe how fast the time passes?

    And how is your wife and her belly doing?;-) Must be some major changes happening now!

  2. Wow jen....that's a whopper of a news. Wow!!! It's just awesome. Wish i were there to partake in the ceremonies.
    My hearty congrats to both of you. Have a great time and Enjoy! ;-)

    Archana's cool and having mixed feelings--happy about the arrival of the baby and suffering the slight discomforts of pregnancy. It's a new and funny experience for both of us.

    And yeah, we both started together, didn't we? Hope we do continue further, and 10 years down the line, celebrate another blog anniversary.

    Good luck to you and jassen. What's up with jassen's blog? Will visit sometime.

  3. You love to write drivel? Even if I agreed it WAS drivel - I love to read drivel! Keep going!

  4. Love to read the drivel on this blog.Keep writing.

  5. Vishwa--thanks for the congrat(even though its still unofficial). We've had promise rings for over a year now, been dating over 2, so..yea,he hasnt done the official proposing yet, but we've known for a while that we want to get married.

    But yea, if you could somehow make your way to the states for the wedding, you and Archana are more than welcome, seriously.

    Is Archana going through the "hard to sleep period? I'll be able to relate more to what she is going probably in the next 5 years or so.:-S Get that camera before your kid pops out, cuz you will definitely have to post some pics!

    And the time flies. As long as Blogger is around, Ill be blogging. I often wonder if it will ever disappear.:-S

    And Jassen's blog? Well, he is just lazy and not really so much a bloggie person, but yea, Ill ask him whats up with that!:-p

  6. Val, Edu,....thanks.
    Will try to make the drivel as interesting and readable as possible.

    Jen...I remember your replies and comments in these pages about jassen, last year round. Though we haven't met or conversed, i feel as if a friend and a long time acquaintance is getting married and is breaking the news to me. The blogworld is definetly a unifying platform for unknown faces.

    Archana has conveyed her thanks to you and to all my blogfriends who've enquired about her health. No, she hasn't any problems getting sleep, it's just that her body-mind is getting more sensitive and easily hurt--normal during pregnancy, i gather.

  7. It does sound like a good time to spend in spiritual practices.

    Congratulations on your blogaversary!