Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guruji Krishnananda...Finger pointing to the Moon

One evening, not so long ago, we were talking and I asked him matter-of-factly, “After you, what’ll happen here? Who’ll take care of things and guide...?”

 He smiled and said something but what’s amazing is my total insensitivity and stupidity in asking someone about his own death! No doubt, I was dumb but it hardly mattered because he took no offense. With him, it was okay to be dumb and stupid. Emotional and Open. He spoke warmly as ever about many other things.
The warmth of that moment still lingers on. And those were blissful days. We were young, idealistic, thirsty for new spiritual knowledge and madly enthusiastic about bringing the heavens down to Earth—a small group of focussed youngsters who gelled together with an amazing rapport. And we had Guruji as our guide and mentor—a wise, old man weathered in the ways of the world and seasoned in the mystical realms. The scene looked straight out of mythology. Take any episode from the epics/myths, where a rag-tag bunch of nobodies are taking on the might of an empire, with nothing but their raw, honest energy and an experienced elder’s guidance to fall back on. We all would perfectly fit in there!

No, we never thought that the old man wouldn’t be amidst us. Although I asked a hypothetical question-‘who after him’, there wasn’t an ‘after him’ thing. There wasn’t a life imagined without him. Neither was there a life imagined without the company of that group. We were bonded for life—that’s what we thought.
First, the group frittered away. It took something like his Death to bring most of us back together, briefly.

‘The past is another country, things happen differently there,’ who said this, donno. But yeah, the past is a crazy different place. So many things happened in the last decade, and the one before that. I almost died and came back to life. Lost hope and found a purpose. Made great friends and lost a few. Put anchor into life, caught hold of a dream and before long, woke up from the dream world.

Guruji gave us that dream. And we embraced it and held it close to our hearts. For me, who had just come out of days of despair and aimlessness, the dream became my purpose.
It was simple. Just wake up. Find spiritual light, not away from life but right there, in the middle of it all. Experience Spiritual enlightenment. Open up your dormant faculties. Establish contacts with the mystical realms. Travel astrally. Become capable of bringing down new knowledge and energies from the higher realms. Commune with the Highest Reality. Most importantly, transform into a better human being, slowly, step by step. Be in the thick of life and find God. Just awesome!

The second part of the dream was equally spectacular. Be a part of a commune. A place to share your gifts, knowledge, love and presence. A place full of unconditional love and freedom, free from judgement and all vices. A self-sufficient community of enlightened individuals, living a righteous life of the New Age, in total harmony and balance. The first citizens of an entirely new World! Nothing less than another Shangri-la!
I am not kidding. Think Christ and his disciples at the beginning of 2000 years of history. We were staring at something more magnificent. And the seeds were beginning to sprout—we could feel it. The awakening had begun. There were transformations--subtle and also profound. And the bonding and camaraderie we felt in that group... perfect for a budding commune

... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...

Then we woke up, one by one.
They say ‘you never know the twilight zone between dream and reality.’ But when the dream started turning sour, I heard this...

Things fall apart
the center cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosend upon the world
The blood dimm'd tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
are full of passionate intensity
-W B Yeats

How could Yeats guess our disillusionment, predicament and sorrow?

There are innumerable memories of the times spent with Guruji and others. One, I gotta jot down, because it's important.
One day, in a volunteer’s meeting, someone asked him: ‘Now, you can contact the Higher realms and bring down knowledge, guide us etc? When will we too become capable of doing this? How long it takes?’
Guruji pointed towards a girl and said: ‘She too can do it. All of you will be able to. It’s just a matter of time. Until then, take my guidance. Or you can refer to her and seek guidance’.

Suddenly, there was a gush of hitherto unknown knowledge. There were fantastic revelations. Guruji wrote a very interesting book ‘Beyond 2012’ which had many fascinating facts. An unstoppable enthusiasm began surging through us. The spectacle of 2012 was looming right in front, just a few years away. We were all geared up, gung-ho, ready for big, mad sacrifices.
Most of this new knowledge and revelations came from that girl. After quitting, she and her brother launched a website called VishwaAmara

Why does it matter, after all? It matters. Because you stagnate if you hold on to what’s handed down to you. To stay alive, you need to move on. Gather new knowledge and energies according to the changing times. Find your own light and direction, right at your core. And if you’re guided to do so, point the way for others.

That was what was expected. And these two youngsters did it with Vishwa Amara, even when Guruji was very much alive. The dream hadn’t perished! Although he didn’t express much, heart of hearts, he must’ve felt proud and ecstatic. Because he knew that...
...the dream didn’t come from him. It came through him, he was just a conduit. And the source was something beyond. This subtle difference between ‘from’ and ‘through’ is what differentiates a ‘devotee’ and a ‘disciple’. A Devotee latches on to ‘from’, worships the master and finally destroys His message. The Disciple recognises the ‘through’ factor and goes beyond.

That’s the imagery of the finger pointing to the moon. ‘Look at the Moon’, says the master, ‘not at my finger’. That’s what he meant when he said once, ‘I want disciples here, not devotees’.
It’s easy to worship and sit pretty. But to transcend and go beyond... it takes balls. Pure balls.

That balls gives you the ability to channel this knowledge, at critical times like the present.


  1. reading the doc... it reminds me of the quote 'AKSAR' (usually) used by designers, "A picture can explain more than the contents when rightly used"... and the pictures posted here just stirred all my "memories" in a shot!!!
    Good one man!!
    With a +Hope, that the next Friday releasing movie "2012Dec21" will be a flop, i wish you write more, we luv to read u...

    1. Just to add this point.. you have touched the Untouchable relams of truth.

      Thank you.

  2. Something that brought tears in my eyes, something I could relate to so much, as if I have written it. Something that echoed at the depth of my core. "Thanks" would be mere word to express my gratitude to you for having written it. Thank you Vishwa !

  3. There is much unsaid, there is much uncovered, there is much not captured... Guruji said about 'exposing of truths'... It is time from someone who has been 'wit'nessing... all this, to go a step further and rake up those red hot cinders from all that is buried in the fumes of past. Truths exposed can alone liberate us and people then try to find their own 'Light' like the inner 'Ananda' which, when accessed gives us Bliss of knowing all (TRUTHS).... Though the narration is crisp and captures the essence, sometimes we might require more than the 'essence' the facts to help people co-relate with everything happening around! Just let the tsunami of truths to clean up the mess that is the 'Holiest of the places' expose the 'Darkness' under the 'Light' Expose the balance of -ve and +ve in the 'Perfect Commune!'... The guy with Balls to do it is you... so go ahead and expose the uncanny truths that is liberating to all of us... By the way this is a brilliant article!

  4. I remember Guruji saying, "You don't fail a Guru when you leave a path, you fail him when you stop meditating."

    1. He said many such things, maybe to push us to take Meditations seriously. I personally feel this 'failing Guru' thing is a load of bull shit! But yeah, we took it to heart in our 'chamcha-giri' days.

    2. He said many things which he himself broke during the end days... He promised something and offered something but did the worst damage possible... Whether it was his control drama which he was enacting from his early days from 'Manovati' we don't know... I remember these lines from Mukesh's Song..

      "Thootha jis tare pe nazar thi hamaari, sach hai duniya valo ki hum hai anaadi..."

  5. Vishu...what you've written is so nice. But it is only a tip of an iceberg-- about a person, who has changed our lives. He was love personified. He even taught us how we should depart from our bodies--gracefully. Wherever his Soul be, it will definetly be guiding, caring, loving and helping others to move onwards. 'Thank you' is too small a word to say for what all he did, at the spiritual level for all of us.
    - love, archana.

  6. Light friends
    Its heartening to read your posts
    Each stands right in its place
    Like the Sun in the Morning
    and the Moon in the night.

    Every Master has a specific mission
    He has a path to tread with his own challenges
    yet he does his best
    when we come into contact it is divine providence
    Learn your lessons go on on the journey of life
    There is more waiting to unravel, it doesn't stop
    Like the river make your way and try to reach the Ocean.
    There is always the Grace of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE upon one n all.

    Know the creation is creation of Light
    Know self as Light, so is one n all.

    In Oneness with lots of love.

  7. Lovely comment, Mukesh Sir. Thank're so right!