Friday, July 20, 2012

New beginnings

 Rains on a morning. Melodious spluttering on the corrugated roofs of the small church next door. Look out the window and the world is green, fresh, alive. My house is nestled in a semi-urban, semi-rural environment and there's always a background of Natural sounds and rhythms which we successfully ignore. But a lazy dawn with good rains, chilly wind and you can't help but pay attention to the chirping birds, the cooing Koels and the chattering cicadas.

Breathe in freshness and breathe out your worries.

 Getting interested in Martial arts, again, after 20 years. I'd done some karate kicking in my high school years but quickly gave up after having my guts punched during a couple of sparrings. Then followed a few years of Yoga exercises, some gym workouts and regular jogging during cricket net practice. Once I came into IT and settled into a cubicle and started testing stuff, all physical workouts went out the window.

 Add to this some seriously arrogant and naive advice which we took to heart: "Meditations are superior to asanas and other physical exercises". "Martial arts attract lower energies". Not that we were experiencing spiritually elevated states, swimming in higher energies and activating our dna strands so that any physical exertion would pull us down. But hear such stuff often and you ignore your body and start getting lopsided and slothful.

 Now, when I'm putting all these long held beliefs and free advice into the fire and testing their mettle, I realize my body is requesting attention. And asking me to get out of laziness and step into a rejuvenating physical culture.


 There's a 'honey moon' period in our work circle-- something I was fascinated about as I saw my friends go through it. It happens when you find a new job and resign from your current position and enter the 'notice period'. It used to be for one month but off late it's 3 months. These three months, you work in the current company but without any stress or pressure. You do your work and go home, unbothered about deadlines, reprimands or appraisals. What matters is the quality of your work, nothing else. Some guys laze off and do almost zero work but you still can enjoy whatever you're doing and deliver results, without any garbage dangling above your head. Blissful. Just what work should be in a sane world.

 I was beginning to worry that this phase will never arrive for me. That I'm destined to retire from this company--utterly bored, bitter and grumbling. After struggling to get out of the rut for nearly 2 years, I started to give up, resigned to my fate when suddenly, a door opened, something snapped and kicked me right out of my hopelessness and right through the door, and voila! here I am, in the middle of the honeymoon.

 Grace? Luck? Hardwork? Maybe a mix of all as I get ready for the next phase of my career in a new job. Sunny days are here, smack in the middle of monsoon rains and I'm enjoying this chotu pampering and cuddling from the Universe! Thank ye!!

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