Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012... Apocalypse? Enlightenment? Or a super flop show?

It’s unbelievable that we’re in 2012. Unbelievable, from a perspective of 3 years ago because, at that time, we were making funny moves and sounds about 2012. It looks funny now but back then, it was not so. We were religiously wedded to the idea of a super apocalypse plus a major mass enlightenment, somewhere around the end of this year. That is on 21st Dec 2012! And being just a paltry 11 months away from that grand event, the world wasn’t supposed to be like this, the way it is today.

Memories are short--both public as well as personal ones. The earlier fairy tales are forgotten because we are lulled into sleep with newer stories and fables.


One day, three of us were chatting our brains off on Gtalk, and as usual, it was all idealistic high funda ramble. We were discussing the possibility of a world-wide catastrophe in 2012 and what should be done at a personal level to face such situations. One of us was even planning to leave his job, sell off his plots and start preparing while living off that money, calculating that it would last him until the end of 2012. After that? Why bother, because we would be in a new consciousness where money wouldn’t be the medium of exchange and the world would’ve changed drastically.

These personal hysterias aren’t bloody funny because people get fucked up pretty easily. That friend was of course dissuaded from taking such a step. But there were others. And there were a few hysterical decisions. I came very close to one such decision and stopped just on the precipice.

* * *

The world has changed in many ways in the past two years. And there will always be further changes, some sudden and drastic. The predictions about the year-end events still seem alive. The Mayan calender has ended, but there are major Galactic alignments happening on Dec 21st this year. As we move ahead in this year these could be the questions and expectations, at least with some of us--

  • Will there be a world wide economic meltdown this year, as anticipated in many circles?
  • Will there be a disclosure of Extra Terrestrial contacts with humans, leading to subsequent announcements of access to advanced technologies and free energy?
  • Will the peak solar flare activity by this year-end result in the collapse of our electrical grids? Will this trigger a massive break-down of our modern systems?
  • What will be the outcome of the Galactic alignments on 21st Dec 2012? Will drastic Earth changes happen because of it?
  • This is a biggie--Will the Messiah arrive in this year?
  • And will we have an explosion of awareness leading to a state of enlightenment or near enlightenment for everyone? Do we enter an era of peace, prosperity and universal brotherhood after this?
  • Add to this my cynical question:--Will we wake up on Jan 1st 2013, the same way as any other New Year day, with none of the above happening? A major Tuss Pataki...
My hunch says that the last one will come true 99%, though I’m sick and tired of the same old life and would hope for a 1% possibility of something big happening.

* * *

What I’m not cynical about, not yet, is the possibility of an awakening, at a very personal level. And this spiritual awakening can happen, and has happened, at individual levels, through individual efforts and heart-burns. No Guru, no Path and no external event can trigger such a paradigm shift in anyone. I believe, it’s always you and your efforts at meditations and personal transformations that lead to such an awakening or shift in awareness.

A tradition/path/guru can show you the way but no idiot can remove your brains, rewire it and put it back so that you have a ‘ah this’ realization. You gotta walk, reach or keep stumbling on the long winding path. The further you walk, the clearer you become. So if the world around you collapses, you’re game for it. And if nothing happens you aren't bothered, because you’re looking out with new eyes, with an expanded perspective. What has changed for the better is You and that’s what matters finally.

My friends at VishwaAmara have brought out their second book- Communing with Light, which for me is such a tradition that shows the way for anyone to walk on. I still consider ‘Light code Activations’ by Soluntra King to be the best book which anyone can follow to move towards a spiritual awakening, without the constraints of a path or a Guru. Yet, this small booklet has the best techniques tightly condensed together between its minimal pages. And, it’s a free pdf file, downloadable in 10 seconds flat.

Check it out. And this article with three superb techniques for Light body awakening!


  1. Good One Vishwa!! I really admire your power in blogging. Please keep writing.. All won't get this art in writing :-). All the best.

  2. Each one's effort to transform from inside helps the macro change outside. The outside world reflect the inside world too.

    construction and destruction go hand in hand.

  3. Dear Vishwanath ,
    A very good and very outspoken post. Your style of writing is enviable. Thanks.

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  5. Dear Vishwa
    Amazing write up as usual.

  6. Hi.. Nice read! I do believe that awakenings are happening at a personal level in individuals. Those who live in Light and manifest Love around them are already on their way to Light Age.

    1. Agree with you. Awakenings or collapses are more of individual experiences, and they're happening rapidly.