Friday, October 14, 2011

The mist has arrived....

...and it's heavenly. Early mornings are magical, with a dense white blanket dripping down slowly through the air. It's more pronounced where I live, away from the hot city air. Sometimes, I drive to office at 830-9 in the morning, still breathing through the soft, cool misty air. Another month, and into mid-december, this cover will thicken, with no visibility beyond 10 feet!

The very thought of going to office in this enchanting weather is revolting! How I wish I stay at home, wrapped up in warm pullovers, book in hand, a pad and pen by my side, dreaming silly. Which idiot invented this system where you need to work your skin off, five days a week, throughout the year, come rain or shine?

The Anna team kitch-pitch is only getting murkier day by day. On one hand, they seem to have strong right-wing, anti-congress sentiments yet they don't openly support the BJP. The right wing groups are trying to cosy up to them, and anna seems to be playing the 'blushing girl', rejecting yet yearning for their attention. Now you have Prashanth Bhushan asking for a referendum on Kashmir--like a true liberal--and out comes the nationalistic colours of Anna-Bedi-Kejri.

That these people are hardliners, arrogantly pushing for their own version of governance however flawed, disguised as anti-corruption crusaders, was evident from the beginning, if you observed them closely. They are India's taliban and khomenis in the making. The mask's coming off and, soon you'll see them standing naked. Support them or you're an anti-national. And don't dare speak against the oldman! He's a bloody God, incorruptible and always right. Like all old farts!

There are rumblings of an impending collapse. Of course, this shiver has been there for quite long, with all of us looking ahead at the 21st dec 2012 date. More than a collapse, it's the regeneration and rebuilding of better systems afterwards, that's been my fascination. Some circles are predicting the end of the Mayan calender on Oct 28th, 2011, a couple of weeks ahead. And there's a hint of the beginning of a severe economic downturn in mid-November.

I'm not a doomer but would love to exist in a collapsing system, working through it, rebuilding and witnessing the birthing of better systems, even hoping for an extraordinary and unbelievable future for all. The status quo sucks. If getting through to Utopia means walking into the ruins first, I guess, the ruins have begun to arrive. It's going to be hard and nasty, for sure. But wait, you knew it, didn't you, when you signed up for this---that however beautiful and enchanting this life is, you aren't gonna get out of it alive?

Or maybe, you will, this time round. Not just alive, but evolved!

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  1. Wow! the mist made you think of Anna and his honchos? I realized recently that whatever Anna does, right or wrong, whether he becomes famous or notorious in the end, one thing will always be remembered in his name - Anna University in Chennai. ha ha

    The mists indeed are magical. And what you said in the end about reinventing life through evolution is very well said!