Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Small Con for a Big Cause...

The drama has just begun and it'll only get interesting from here. The Anna hazaare show is over. All are happy and satisfied that the lokpal bill will be passed with stricter filters to check corruption. The govt. had to eat humble pie. A frail 73 year old man lead the second freedom struggle and united the nation for a noble cause. Now, there're bigger battles to be won, beginning with electrol reforms. So the spectacle of this fast, which was assaulting our senses (and getting irritating day by day)is now over and the media is now focussing on other worthier things. Good good.

One question which nobody is asking, and at least someone should point out is this: Did Anna hazaare really fast for so many days? Did he really stay hungry for 13 days and then break his fast? And before he did that, on the 12th night, he stood up on the platform, this 73 year old man, who'd been without food for 12 long days, he stood without a shiver, without tiredness, and spoke eloquently for 5 minutes before singing the national anthem. I mean, give me a break. Does he live in a physical body or has he already transmuted into a Light body?

I have fasted for half a day on many occasions and know first hand the hallowness, the vaccum you begin to feel by the end of it. Baba ramdev, who eats and shits yoga, had to be hospitalized and put on drips after 6 days. Even Anna looked dull, and on his way out, by the end of day 6 and 7. Miraculously after that, he regained composure and got fresher and fresher as days passed by. When his victory was announced, he postponed his 'official fast break' to the next day at 10, instead of doing it immediately! Has he by any chance received initiation from the himalayan yogis, who meditate for months together without food, without water?

It's bloody clear that his fast ended, on day 6 itself, and then onwards, it was a beautiful conjob, a grand tamasha. Either he was given supplements or juice along with the 'water' that he occasionally had. Or whenever he retired to his small room, he must've been fed with essentials. On the last day, he looked as if he had emerged from a good feast. And his team were in no hurry to break his fast and urge the govt during negotiations that 'look, this man is dying, hurry up!' Why would they, afterall? Their man wasn't going anywhere. He was sitting pretty on the stage, not even bothered to pretend tiredness or weakness.

Ya, the cause is important. And noble. To take on the mighty system and initiate a cleansing process--its no mean job. Kudos to anna and everyone(even the absolutely irritating Kiran Bedi) for taking up this cause and bringing the awareness of anti-corruption to so many individuals.

Yet, it's still a con job. In anna's own words...' it's a dhokagadi'! Calling this as the second freedom struggle and comparing the dude to Gandhi, is a national insult to both. They're will be more of such dramas in future, but, as hartosh singh bal said, please, spare us the gandhian halo!


  1. Such strong sentiments!

    Amidst these views, there is no trace of a doubt. How can you be so sure, when all this happened in the glare of 24/7 media?

    Anyways, enjoy this bit on a lighter vein though its against your belief and conclusion -

    "Both Anna and Manmohan are Gandhians.
    It's just that they follow different Gandhis"

  2. There's no sureity, just observations on the drama. It's obvious that his fast wasn't genuine. The 24/7 media did not follow anna to his room or bathroom.

  3. Vishwanna,
    You are overstepping yourself here. Such radical and shrewd observations from a mature philosopher like you? When did you start philosophisizing on bathrooms? ha ha:)

    Just kidding. You definitely have full freedom to opine your views provided you don't cross the line of needlessly hurting anyone's sentiments. Anna and his team may have faked some part of it - but what to do when downright honesty is so tasteless? Guru, I think it was all done in order to keep the show running. When you have to drive a crowd of deluded people, you have to sometimes give them what they want alwa? The means were slightly tweaked to achieve the desired ends in good time. BTW, I had heard that even in the case of MK Gandhi, his poor image was "carefully managed" by the congress party so as to keep the crowds attracted to him!

    And finally, why is Kiran Bedi absolutely irritating saar? Because in the world of Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat, Kiran Bedi comes fully clothed? :)

  4. VD,

    don't know whether you're supporting my views or opposing them. Maybe both, eh?

    wish team anna and others who're shouting from rooftops over the 'second freedom struggle' were as honest as you, in accepting that maybe the means were 'slightly' tweaked. :-) Wish the tv anchors grilled team anna with the same enthu, with which they grill congress/bjp spokespeople. We would get to know more tweaks then. Alwa?

    It's better if there is an awareness of these 'tweaks' among the masses, or tv audiences who just get to hear one 'white-washed' version of events these days. While we all need stronger curbs against corruption, what we don't need is hero-worship and a one-dimensional view of events. Else, we will keep hearing about the 'model-village' ralegaon siddhi, but overlook the fact of the dictatorial attitude of anna in running that place(flogging for drinking, restrictions on cable tv, forced vasectomy). Wonder how many anna fans would love to relocate to that model village? Would you?

    Kiran bedi is irritating in her own right. I don't understand the comparison to rakhi sawanth.

    Please don't overstep the line and hurt my sentiments with allegations of 'mature philosopher'.:-)

  5. I got confused in the middle of my comment and changed tracks intermittently. Sorry for my vague comments. I do agree with your views where you questioned Team Anna's ways, but I just felt you got too picky with that bathroom point and a tad too aggressive towards Ms. Bedi. :)

    Anyways, it was a good read and I will come back to your blog for more.. Please keep writing brother!

  6. All drama is getting clear and clear,,, feel Anna is has got a skin of a human being which do not change colour like a reptile ,, KJW... :-(