Friday, December 18, 2009

Small dreams like this

We still have the 'Worldspace' system but the subscription has expired and we haven't bothered renewing it. No time or space to listen to radio. 'We'll renew it once we shift to a new house,' I tell her. My dream: Make a hot cup of tea. Turn off the lights. Sit by the window. Switch on 'Moksha' channel on worldspace on low volume. In between sips, looking out the window at the night sky, listen to the soft music. Dream for hours on end. Just exist with the soul stirring sounds.

This ain't possible currently, in our single room, with Tejas asleep and the kitchen being two floors below, locked up. So my dream has to bide its time until it gets realized. And when that happens, in that moment, wanna type a few words straight from the gut on my blog. Without pre-meditation.


  1. Viswa, I hope your dream comes to your sooner rather than later. You would be such a wise user of such peace.

  2. Interesting that you have not renewed your WorldSpace subscription. They are closing (filed bankruptcy in US)and also put out a message that they will be unable to do much for the people who still have a balance left with them.

    So your dream has to go on with an iPod connected to a Bose!

  3. Thanks Anon....I refused to renew the subscription inspite of repeated requests from those folks, some as recent as 2 weeks back! Saved 2 grands, I guess. Yup, have to plug an ipod into a Bose, never mind.

  4. Archana,..


    When we had soft music of Moksha, we missed tea at that time and we had tea by night time here in this house we don't have that lovely company of music of Moksha and all wonderful programmes , oh , really miss it !!!..... Life is like that ,... enjoy to the best with what we have in life,...... See this dream manifesting !

    and we gifted World space to Munna too , uuuhh llallaaa !! .... :-D