Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Everyone's on a journey...

And nothing stays. Absolutely nothing. Good, bad, ugly, stunning, horrible, pathetic, pleasant, blissful ... name it and it's gone or on its way out of the window. Your wonderful life or your miserable life...it ain't gonna last for eternity.

You are a traveller. Out on this extraordinary journey.

And it's nice to become aware of this, at times. Because most of the time, we get so lost in the details of living that we never realise the bigger picture. We may not even be aware that there might be a bigger picture, something beyond our own small, private nests. That a great network of something... is out there and we're but a part of this complex, beautiful system. Insignificant yet important.

As they say it, 'For the world, you might be just another person, but for someone, you might be the whole world!'

That someone need not be anyone but yourself.

Knowing that you are insignificant makes you humble. Knowing that you are important gives you strength.

It's good to be strong and humble...

...when you're travelling this path.


  1. I always get inspired when I visit your site. :) This post reminds me to treasure myself better. :)

  2. A nice balance Vishwa. And good to know that we are not apart from everything else.

  3. wow!! to be strong and humble.....:)))

  4. Yes, we do get lost in the details of living, as you so rightly said, and need to step back now and then...to get some perspective.

  5. Kikit, Val, Ash, Meena....thankyou all for the comments :-)

  6. Tune to present and everything will become clear.