Monday, January 07, 2008

Catch your breath and...

It's a funny feeling but real. Waking out of your slumber, you take up a task. You keep aside a hundred things, slog it out, sit late at nights, work insanely long hours, look again and again at the deadline, tell yourself not to panic and plough on. Finally you reach the finishing line and slump down.

It's one hell of a relief(similar to the one you experience in the toilet after controlling your bowels for too long). Soon the releif gives way to an emptyness. Something that filled your time, something you filled yourself into is no longer there. It's been reached, the target's achieved. And it no longer exists. You stand there alone, orphaned.

Why should you feel this loneliness, this sense of loss? What did Tensing and Hillary feel, standing on the summit of the world? Joyous. Or lost. Alone.

Tensing had no other peak to conquer. But life here has a million other battles yet to be fought, a million other raging rivers yet to be crossed. The loneliness remains as long as you look back fondly at the past. But you need to gird up your loins. Shake off the dust. A pat on the back for waking up at last. Time to learn how to walk. To run. To fly.

Time to understand this mystery called Life. To take a long and hard look at oneself. To know where you stand and where you need to be headed. To leave behind the familiar and soar into the unknown.

If you could wake up, you can soar. Just a matter of making up your mind. And a little passion. And some sweat.