Monday, December 10, 2007

Seven deadly sins....

Val tagged me with an interesting meme; To express seven random/strange things about oneself. While I can write a hundred quircky things about myself, these are the seven that pop up, immediately:

* I have a random belief that enlightenment is just around the corner, for everyone. Given that we all have to make efforts to qualify, to positivise, to shift awareness but my gut says, it'll happen, in a click, any moment. Suddenly things will explode and the next thing is that...we're at a different level of consciousness. How this correlates with making efforts to reach enlightenment, I don't know!

* I became a better son after becoming a Dad. Not that I was irreverant earlier but suddenly there was more openness, more communication between me and my parents. And this happened, as if out of nowhere once my son was born.

* Years ago, for a period of seven months, I smoked like crazy. Cigarette dangling from the lips, pen in hand, eyes looking nowhere--this was my ideal of a genius writer. One afternoon I burned nearly 25 cigarettes, one after the other and got so nauseated by the smell that I left it, for good.

* A girl was my classmate for nearly 11 years, right from class 5, all the way to graduation. In these 11 years I changed school/college thrice, and coincidentally, she too joined the same school/college, same class. We both were shy, reserved and probably spoke to one another, only once, in all those years.

* Movies fascinated/still fascinates me, like good fiction. But the influence nearly went over the top, when, in early adolescence, after watching a few action movies repeatedly, I got so hooked up that I decided that I'd become a mafia hitman once I grew up. Joined a gym. Got enrolled in karate classes. Responded to an ad in a local newspaper for a revolver.

* Right from childhood, I've always felt awkward expressing emotions. The only time I forgot this awkwardness and wept aloud in public was when my favorite pup got killed in an accident.

* Death is a fascination on top of being scary. I've veered close to the edge, maybe half a dozen times.

Now I'll extend the invitation to :

Nick, Edu, Jen, Karan & Anna

....and request them to pass the meme to seven of their friends in turn.


  1. Hi Vishwa,

    I've been a steady reader here at your blog and I've enjoyed all you've shared... so reflective and food for thought.

    I was surprised to be tag. I haven't played 'tag' since a child. So, the hermit came out of her shell and joined this game. :)


  2. Excellent to read your shared randomness! Good reading, as always.
    Interesting to find out how shy you were during school.

    Thanks for playing!

  3. My first visit to this blog, thanks to Prairie Anna.

    I really enjoy what I have read here thus far and shall be bookmarking the page, by way of a link on my own, so that I may find it again soon.

    Here is to randomness, and an enlightenment inherent in us all.

  4. Anna....thanks for playing. It's good to write something interactive, once in a while. There are amusing memes running around--one of them is to write a letter to your 13 year old self--what would you write?--stuff like that. These memes are trigger points that release a creative flow and brings out things you wouldn't have expressed otherwise.

    Val....Thanks for the tag. Enjoyed it.
    David...thanks for the visit. Hope to read more at your blog.

  5. Vishwa -my brother. Have completed my own 'meme' on the subject. Am currently on a quest to figure out how I can link your good self, and others, to said entry.

    ...I shall see how all this works out!