Thursday, September 27, 2007


What's the most important day in the year? Your birthday!

Suddenly you wake up and realize that, many years ago, on this very day, you brought joy to your parents just by becoming present. They held your tender hands and taught you many things, cuddled you in your fears, celebrated your truimphs, wept over your falls, assured you in darkness. Over many years, they silently watched you grow up, stronger, wiser, more mature, responsible and capable. You went out into the world with their wishes and came back truimphant. When humiliation came your way, they stood by you. When you returned with a burden of failure, they let you be, without a word. When you dreamed of reaching impossible heights, they advised but never stopped you. When you realised your folly and made amends, they overlooked without the didn't-I-tell-you-so look. When you shouted at them in impatience, they accepted and absorbed your outbursts. When you set up house with another soul, they rejoiced. And when you brought another soul here, they celebrated.

Birthdays belong to the parents. I feel good having turned 32 today but more so because I'm alive, healthy and hopeful-- filled with dreams, energy, enthusiasm and love. I wish the same for my son and know well that this is what Mom and Dad always wish for me, in silence. I feel happy to be with them.


  1. I am assuming, Vishwa, that today is your birthday. Birthday blessings to you, my friend!

    I once knew a guy who always sent a congratulatory card to his parents on his birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday and Many Blessings, Vishwa!

  3. *Removes hat and bows down* :-)

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    Hope it was a good one!:-)

    Yea...i always thought it odd that presents are given to the birthday boy or girl, while the parents watch from the sidelines. You would think the parents would get some sort of present(:-p)!;-)

  5. a very different take and very 'hatke' from the typical birthday blogposts!

    thanks for bringing in a totally different perspective, more power to your pen and thoughts! :)

  6. Me too.. I like this perspective towards birthdays! :)

  7. Beautiful post , your parents are an extension of God himself.