Thursday, June 21, 2007

Leaving your nest

'It's the migratory season,' says Fayaz, with a sly smile.

A cold wave constantly circulates above us--you lift your hand and you feel it. This must be the coldest part of the entire office. A few months
back, not a single day would pass without one of us calling up
maintainence, telling them to reduce the chill from the Air-conditioner.

There are dreary faces all around. The pay hike was announced two days back, and 99% are dissatisfied. It's more so in our team, after we broke all previous records and set new standards in the number of defects detected in an application. The hike in salary is grossly disproportionate to the performance. The only guy who's all smiles is Fayaz, the team leader. He must've had a good raise.

Coffee arrives. The boy is clean shaven and looks different without his stubble. He smiles. 'I'm leaving. This is my last month here.'

There are tiny droplets on the window pane. The drizzle outside is barely visible. A feeble song from someone's system--a chartbuster. Here now and gone tomorrow. Then another popular song will capture the hearts and this one fades away. Nobody misses anything. Nobody misses anybody. And why do you expect to be missed?

'Are you looking for a new job?' The colleague in the next cubicle whispers, after making sure that Fayaz is out of hearing distance.

'Planning. Need to brush up a bit on basics. There's no more growth here.'

The guy who'd joined this company along with me, two years back, left for a multinational barely last week. We talked about him for a day and then forgot. Almost everyone around are pruning their feathers for a new flight.

'Don't be in a hurry,' says Archana, as I hand over the revised salary papers. 'Think before you decide to shift.'

Tejas is busy with his new toy-- a small baby elephant which squeaks if you squeeze it. He got scared the first time he heard the squeaky sound. Then slowly he's made friends with this new toy. He picks it up, examines it thoroughly and then puts it into his mouth before throwing it away.

'He's growing fast--more than the kids of his age,' A natural pride in her voice.'He wants to stand up and run around. Now he's learnt a new syllable---ooooo.'

Tejas looks up at her, then at me and cackles up. A whole life stretches before him--an adventure filled with perils and triumphs, learnings and mistakes. As he grows up, he'll be joining new nests, leaving behind the old ones, and building his own nests in the process. And that's part of his growth--shifting from nest to nest. You'll stagnate if you fear the adventure and stay inside your cocoon, inside your safety.

'Bring him new toys tomorrow.'



  1. Hallo there - coincidentally, I'm planning on leaving my work nest. But, just like a baby bird, Ive been pushed to the edge and am teetering, before taking that first leap.

    Ive been with my company, in different jobs, since 1985!! But Ive been taken out of my lovely, enjoyable post in an Efficiency Review and been designated one nothing to do with libraries or web things. A tunnel of black boredome stretches before me.

    So I am planning and preening my wings! I will put any news on my blog when its public. But I wont fly until I can see my destination clearly.

  2. Val....all the very best on your new flight.
    And I'm reminded of an advice someone gave to someone else---'You need to change your company at least once in two years, and change your career at least once in 5 years--that's growth.'
    Maybe it's an extreme, but the principle is, Change is growth.

  3. A fresh outlook on Life.
    I liked the post Vishwa.

  4. A life’s journey begins with one step (I am told)—whether that step be taken my an infant or an adult. Blessings to you if you decide to step out on a new trek.