Thursday, April 26, 2007

The future is here....

You pick up a book, shuffle the pages--end to end, close it and bingo! you can remember everything that you've read, understand it and grasp
the essence of the knowledge. How's that! You think that's possible?

Okay, how'bout this? You've a flood of new ideas. Wonderful ideas about everything--right from how to capture and utilize Sun's energy--the way plants do, how to reorganize your work-schedule so that you save 2 hours everyday, how to rearrange the parking space outside your shop so that you can accomodate six more cars comfortably. Or how to use the right manure that can revitalize a barren piece of land. And you have an amazing gift of explaining this to anyone in simple terms and inspire them. These ideas keep popping into your mind continuosly, so fast that you can hardly contain your excitement--you're once again a small child who has just discovered how to make a small cave out of sand on the beach, and keep the roof from collapsing. What would you give to get to that state of being?

You read a book on learning portuguese, and in twenty minutes flat, you can speak the language fluently, as if you've been in portugal all your life. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, in diverse fields of science, technology, arts--and you can grasp the concepts very fast. You look at problems from various angles and find instant solutions. You can move objects with your mind, by connecting to the energy field of those objects. How would that be?

Sounds crazy and damn scary! Looks good on a movie. Yeah it's a movie, but at the same time it hints at future possibilities that await us. 'Phenomenon' is a fantastic movie which appears farfetched or possible--depending on how open your mind is. John travolta plays an everyday small town man who discovers his amazing potential one night, when a mysterious light from the sky knocks him unconsious. He gets up and walks back to the bar where his friends are still partying and asks 'Did anyone see that light?' Nobody has. The town's doctor, who's an expert chess player has a board spread out in front of him. Travolta, who's as good in chess as a kindergarten kid is in nuclear physics, walks around explaining to his friends how the light hit him in the face and in between, makes two moves on the chess board. It's a check mate! In no time, his brain has grasped and excelled in Chess!

Later in the movie, we have scientists explaining the medical reasons for this--but here too, they say that his brain is getting stimulated like no other man's and new cells are opening up. How travolta grapples with his new found powers and how he lives intensly, albeit for a short period forms the rest of this beautiful movie.

For me, this represents the future. We are advancing into a new age wherein science and technology are making amazing strides like never before. But what's hidden and yet to be acknowledged is the advancement of the spiritual sciences. You speak openly and it becomes mumbo-jumbo new age babble--stress relief, deep breath, auras etc. Yet we had Osho who could finish two-three books a day and had grasped nearly 75000 books on various subjects over a period of two years. Swami Vivekananda had similar capabilities and we have recorded accounts of Psychokinesis by Uri gellar. These look like exceptional cases but maybe in days to come, this could become the norm.

What's required, I feel, is a thirst for this possibility, a quest in that direction. How do we as normal humans strive for this possibility--apart from looking at the night sky, expecting to be knocked down by mysterious lights?

Any ideas? Or is it time to wake up and shut the alarm?

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  1. The extra-ordinary photographic grasping power of Vivekananda seems to be an exaggeration by the biographers of Swami. We have to explore corroboratory

  2. It is a possibility. Perhaps a probability. One that I doubt I shall live to see.

  3. Nick...You shall live to see much more than that! Keep watching :-)

    Multi.......I understand that Vivekananda was infinetly more than what his biographers understood and exaggerated(?).

    Corroboratory proof lies in the realm of the intellect. There are things beyond logic, rationality and these proofs. One way to understand and grasp such things could be to experiment with them and experience certain truths directly. That means keeping an open mind and pursueing these truths.

  4. Too busy to update I guess.Hope you all are well.