Friday, November 24, 2006

Here and there

It's as if I sail between two separate worlds--temporarily.

For a few days I'm totally with my family, with archana, as she tries to cope up with the new role of a mother; observing how elderly wisdom scores over medical science sometimes and how the entire family comes round to cuddle the new mother. It's as if beyond these people and situations, nothing exists. Before I lose myself I'm back to work, back to the grindmill. The race against deadlines begins.

I settle down to the job of meeting the demands of an invisible customer, shamelessly pursuing an appraisal at the end of the year which determines which company I'll be working for by this time next year. The job sucks me in totally. As I ponder over whether my career is really moving in the right direction or I'm wasting myself in utter meaninglessness, the weekend arrives with a promise of temporary respite.

The conflict and contemplation stand on the other side of Sunday as I rest and relax for a couple of days.


  1. Enjoy your rest.Enjoy being a brand new daddy.Have a nice weekend.:D

  2. Your weekends are obviously worth everything life can afford. i recommend you to resign and stay home for a year. The universe will support the finances. Don't worry. Enjoy these precious moments.

    Happy hunting for the war stategies on family v/s science.

  3. I know well that feeling of living in two separate worlds. I hope you have that unique ability of being able to leave work at work. Enjoy fatherhood in every moment that you can. It is a wondrous enterprise!

  4. Edu...Yup, will do that. But the weekend flies away in a whisker whereas the weekdays drag on ad infinitum. Any solution to curb(or reverse!) these time speed variations?

    Anon...I sincerely wish I could follow your suggestion. I don't know but I may actually end up doing something similar.

    Nick...Thanks. I want to leave work at work(which I do) but more than that, I wish to enjoy and love my work.:-)

  5. Greetings vishwa,

    May your rest be rejuvenating and also open doors for you in the coming new year in which will combine your worlds. Congrats on the being a new father... this alone will take you into a new world of wonder. :)

  6. Congratulations vish. thats such a pretty kid. and well, all the best for the sleepless nights.

  7. Prairie wind...thanks. Your words are inspiring, so is your blog. got it right. The sleepless nights have arrived. Trying to enjoy it :-)

  8. Thanks !! :-) for being with me !..