Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In search of permanence

There's a desire for permanence that's inherent in all of us. The reality is that Nothing is permanent. Everything changes--some suddenly, some slowly, some very slowly but change, they do.
We hate to contemplate about change--we always want the status quo to remain. Change leads us to the unknown--and the unknown is terrifying. It may bring us something good, but who knows if it leads us down into misery and suffering!

Is it true for everyone? May be yes. If we can embrace change, step into the unknown willingly and face the uncertain, i think we'll forget the word 'boredom'. Life will be a wonderful journey every moment.

I understand that we are here on this earth to experience this life. And this life is not confined to what we just know and are familiar with. There's a world waiting outside my door, things i have not yet seen, heard, felt, experienced. If i deny them and stick to what just i'm comfortable with, i'll be failing the purpose of my birth-- that is to experience the diversity of this wonderful place.

I'm yet to visit another country, or get acquainted with a culture different from my own. i'm yet to see movies made by such masters like kurosawa and kshelovsky, yet to read the wonderful literature produced by some of the brilliant minds, yet to do a bungee jump or watch a lion in it's natural habitat or taste continental food, or set my foot on the vast icy expanse of the antartica. This life is such a small gap between birth and death--we don't even know at what moment our heart will stop beating--- and most of the time we waste ourselves in silly quarrels and unnecessary tensions. We don't care about the beauty of a sunrise, or the depth of the silence that's hidden within us. There's a thrill in accomplishing something that we thought was impossible for us, or in overcoming one of our weaknesses. We miss such things in the hurry of the day to day activities. And there's the vast expanse of the spiritual world which most of us never bother to even acknowledge!

What stops us from taking a flight into the unknown? What makes us stick to what we know and waste this wonderful opportunity God has placed before us? I think it is Fear. The Fear of failure. The Fear of losing all that we are familiar with.

Unless we conquer Fear, we go nowhere. Unless we become Fearless nothing is achieved. If there is any worthwhile achievement in anyone's life it is to become fearless. Everything follows later.


  1. Hi,

    I'm Jenn's boyfriend from jensieve! I'd just like to say that is a great blog entry, I hope your quest in life and experience gets you to where you want to be :)

  2. Hi! This is bookworm, of Bookworm's Retreat! I'm tremendously flattered that you actually visited my blog despite the lack of updates, and actually left a comment that indicated that you wondered about it... I'm also pleased as punch about the wishes you conveyed during the festival of lights. Unfortunately, I only read that post today, so I'm afraid I'm not in time to wish you the same too.

    I would like to get in touch with you by some other mode, for I wish to talk to you about a certain matter (launching a new website). I find the comments system slightly inconvenient for having detailed discussions. Please do mail me (my email id is I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you, once again. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Jassen,
    Thanks for your heartfelt wishes. I wish the same for both you and jen, and also wish that both of you find happiness and joy in each others company.

  4. bookworm,
    Good, you are in town and up on the blogosphere despite a lack of updates. In these four months since I entered blogosphere, i've browsed a few hundred blogs and find that i constantly return to some of them, irrespective of any updates or responses from the other side. Your blog is one of them.
    I've sent across a mail to your id. Please check. Take care.

  5. Great post!. You got it perfectly right. Its FEAR.

    + Fear of submitting to God and His authority
    + Fear of allowing him to take control of our life and destiny.
    + Fear of loosing out on the worldly possessions.
    + Fear of the unknown(afterlife)?
    + Fear of missing out on the sinful pleasures this earth has to offer

    and the biggest of all
    + Fear of being transformed by His Grace into His image

  6. Chez,
    Someone said, 'There are only two primary emotions in man--Love and Fear.' We can either love something or fear it.

    But...Sinful pleasures of this world? No, that doesn't ring a bell with me, may be it's too christian an idea. Pleasures aren't sinful, as i see it--they are a part of this life. One has to experience life fully and for that, one should never consider anything as sinful--maybe unhealthy, damaging, unclean are better words for some high profile(?) pleasures, but Sinful!!! God knows.
    Thanks for the comments.

  7. materialism, paid sex, alchol and drug abuse, gluttony etc. Some examples of sinful pleasures.

  8. fear : yes this is a four letter word that rules our lives.

    just a thought.....

    i think the fear for the safety of loved ones can also be a factor in not indulging in certain things. not the ones u mentioned but otherwise....