Thursday, August 29, 2013

Talking to someone....

‘What’s eating you,’ I asked him.

He said... ‘I want to watch a movie and lose myself into it. Want to lose myself into the story, into the characters, into their emotions and thoughts...their world. Want to forget myself for some time ...I want to forget where I am...’

‘You will be fine’....I told him, although I didn’t completely believe it. He looked lost.

He sighed once before blurting out... ‘My heart says something...and I don’t want to believe it.’

‘What is it?’

‘That.....what I hold dear, what I trust totally, what I cherish with my very’s an illusion. What I consider most just frivolous. The people who’re very dear to me and whom I love totally....they secretly laugh at me, at my passion for them.’

He was in tears...but continued, ‘And I don’t want to believe it. I want things to be pure, as it was, sacred as it was....innocent as it was.’

I knew that he would be day, in the future. He would look back on this day with a smile. Maybe even laugh at this desperate situation. But that would happen in the future....and to get there....he would have to pass through this dark night.

The night grew dark....but somewhere there....on the horizon....a sun was waiting. I didn’t tell him that. I let him sit and cry and wallow in his tears.

Maybe this catharsis was needed, after all.