Thursday, July 06, 2017

The C word...

It was a few years ago when I was deeply fascinated by collapse and end-of-civilization scenarios. Lots of reading, downloading, discussing with friends etc. There was this wonderful book (which I could find only in parts) about someone who had lived through a severe economic collapse in Argentina, and then wrote how he survived there with his family, the ordeals they had to face, the hacks they developed, how they navigated tricky situations, etc. Pretty adventurous stuff. We were hoping similar things to happen in India and across the world--especially with the 2012 scenario and doomsday predictions.

Things changed post 2012. Collapse got relegated to a distant memory but the books I downloaded remained, so did the fascination with breakdown of systems, and emergency of new systems. Dmitry Orlov, a Russian who lives in U.S. is one of the vocal and utterly sensible voices of this scenario. One book of his-- the Five stages of collapse seems totally relevent now, more than at any other time. He talks about different stages of collapse along with case studies-- Economic, Financial, Political, Societal, and Individual collapses. And there are serious insights and ideas to deal with each of these scenarios based on societies which have successfuly navigated through them.

I can hazard a guess that we're close to an economic and societal collapse, here in our country. The signs are bloody ominous. Fascists rule us and they're getting extremely successful in manipulating cracks and create unrest between groups. Things which've been on a backburner for long are coming to a boil. It'll be a matter of time before quite a few systems begin to crack and crumble. Rest of the world, less said the better.

Of course, none of the doomers and collapsenicks speak of integrating Spiritual awakening and transcendence into the breakdown scenarios. That's a dimension quite a few are fortunate to be aware of. Yet, its time to brush through the basics of dealing with collapse at the nuts and bolts level. It's time for a re-read and study of Five Stages of Collapse.

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