Monday, July 17, 2017

 28 pursuits that feed my soul. I realize that I've started out on 3 of them even before they became a part of this list. Will I have to accomplish great heights in all of them? Not necessarily. Will I start out on all of these in this lifetime? Of course I will. What's the point of this list? Why spread out my energy into so many channels?

This list is a reminder of things that excite me, pursuits that bring me alive, activities that strike a deep chord within. I'll not just sip and taste from each of these springs and move on. Like tasting from every small dish spread out on a plantain leaf in a traditional wedding ceremony. No!!! I will dive deep into each and every one of them. I'll make lusty passionate love with the essence that stands at the core of each of these adventures. Drink from the depths, recieve nourishment, and add something of value to each of them. Embrace the mystique of these worlds and leave them richer, colorful, and loved.

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