Sunday, January 24, 2016


I want to reach out to him. Amble beside him on his morning walks—hand on his shoulder—and tell him that things are going to work out just fine. That the world hasn’t and isn’t going to end soon, and that there is so much more beauty and joy around, only if he would shift his attention a bit…just look up a bit. The fog of uncertainty that surrounds him isn’t the only reality; there’s a clearing beyond although he can’t sense it right away.

I want to tell him all of this and much more.

There’s a pattern. A period of cluelessness and uncertainty which, instead of brightening and clearing out leads into a deteriorating disaster zone. Then comes a huge blow which shatters his already shaky self. He spirals down into self-defeating behaviours lasting a very long period before hitting rock bottom. And then comes the redemption. And recovery. And a gradual rise back to surface.

It happened once. And it’s happening again. Except that this time, the recovery will be faster, resulting in unimaginable glory and beauty. Things are different and vibrant now unlike the bleak cycle he encountered two decades ago. He is different unlike his former self. And when he breaks through, I see him emerging into the finest version of himself—dazzlingly beautiful and radiant!

I want to talk to him and remind him of his roots—fierce yet gentle, wise yet curious, sturdy yet vulnerable, passionate yet detached, relaxed yet adventurous, confident yet humble, ecstatic yet peaceful. I want to point him towards so many things….yet I allow him to pass by, allow him to walk with his quiet ruminations, allow him enough space and freedom to lick his wounds into wholeness. Allow him to lighten the heaviness bit by bit, at his own pace.

The night air is stifling…. but the fresh breeze of dawn is nearby. There will be light. I wish he senses it.


  1. Lovely self inspirational post... HIM ....
    Welcome him and see him as radiant self, whole and complete which he always was!

    Life is a force which breaks us open, to make us see our true self!...

  2. You have a lot of responsibility. I would like to be so helpful