Wednesday, October 07, 2015

there's no separation...

Death and Departure are on my mind off late. There are mass exits across the globe, in Mecca, in the migrant populations fleeing across the Mediterranean, in everyday deaths--people losing loved ones. And it seems to intensify day by day. Then, there are deaths closer home. A distant relative passes away at a ripe old age. Memories of my granny. A few elders in the layout who are no more. Impending departures of others. Pets, teachers, friends. And a seer who looked and said when I would exit smile emoticon
Separations are as painful as death. Friends who are not on talking terms anymore. A few distanced over misunderstandings. You meet someone after 2 decades and realize that once upon a time you were so close to them and its been years without a thought about them crossing your mind. Every job you change, every house you shift--many familiar faces turn into strangers. On the tide of time you are a driftwood, moving closer, moving away. Change is the only constant in this play.If every arrival and union gives you joy, every departure/separation tugs at your heart-strings. Some... you never get over. 
Chew over it and slowly it dawns---look deeper, there's no separation! You come back, lifetime after lifetime, meeting those who're bonded with your heart. Forms and roles change. A Guru once, a friend again, then a brother somewhere. Friends coming again and again like flocks of migrant birds meeting in a distant continent. Familiar faces and hearts recognized in an instant. Every departure is an initiation to another threshold where a union awaits. We never lose sight of those we love, and we're never lost to those who love us. An invisible thread binds us all across life-times, across eons, transcending time and space.
Look beyond the forms into the essence and you sense a dance of Souls, united forever in one Source--the Light from where we emerge, incarnate, experience and merge back. There's no separation, departure or grief--just Love, Love and nothing but an unending torrent of gushing Love. A call to be aware of this union, this love, the unbreakable bonding between souls. A signal that at the highest level, we are always forged together, in a beautiful embrace of love and light, looking down at the dance of forms, their union and separation and union--with an amused smile and laughter.


  1. This is a tremendously lovely call for us to realize our part of the whole. It is so easy to see our part as something small and insignificant, but your call to realize our essence does remain is a very nice thought.

  2. Yes tabor....we are a part of a whole...or maybe we ARE the whole. Reminding myself of this over and over has been extremely healing off late