Saturday, March 14, 2015


you wanted the dream to never end
the moment to freeze, when the Earth and heaven met
the soft light streaming through dawn's window
the walk in the lanes, the talks and silence
caressing hands, adoring eyes, yielding hearts
the lips that whisper your name over and over

the dream halted when you escaped to another realm
to the strange land of battles
and plunged yourself into vengence and fights
of righting a wrong, answering a slight
but the dream lived on, untouched, unblemished
in its own abode of a million hues.
It remained tender and soft, vulnerable
waiting for the dreamer to return
and breathe life into the abandoned flute

the soft flowing yamuna remembers this dream
so do the loving eyes of the grazing cows
the murmur of the peepul leaves
the first breeze of dawn from Govardhan hills
the chirping birds, dancing peacocks
the cowherds, gopis...all remember the dream
and the one who invoked this dream for them
they remember you and wait for you
...the dark skinned mischief monger

and amongst them, awaits she
the one closest to your heart
the one who's your very heart-beat
and she knows that you'll arrive
straight from the battle-field, 
from the world of war and battles.
You will arrive to the moonlit nights
under the tree, next to the flowing river
where she waits for you

And when you arrive....the dream erupts
in an ecstatic vibrant splendour
exploding in blissful joy and abandon
the whole nature embracing the arriving beloved
not knowing how to express the unexpressable ecstacy
dropping into pregnant silence
while the joy erupts through gasps
the joy of having the dreamer, back in the dream

and the dreamer...his eyes search for the one
for whom he returned to the realm of the dream


  1. So lovely the thought that we are the ones who have abandoned the dream and it just waits for us.

    1. yes tabor....every dream awaits its dreamer, to take it to its fulfillment and closure

  2. what else but ecstasy of Soul, when it realises self and sees itself as LIGHT, apart from Physical Self. > These are the Light, like made for each other, to merge and merge into ULTIMATE. Like the Hindi songs :: Shyam teri bansi pukare Radha namm, log kare Meera ko uhi badnam ~ walking a step with you Shyam, Radha and Meera, do they have a shadow ? By Grace of Lord they manifest and unmanifest, in play of Maya. As you rightly said " take it to its fulfilment and closure". Love you all in Oneness. > Lord has blessed us with Love, let us share Love with all.

    1. Thankyou sir. That song 'Shyam teri bansi' has such depths and beauty. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Eyes just don't pain, they turns blind while waiting and searching for the beloved to come on the surface of dream.
    I liked last lines..
    "... and the dreamer...his eyes search for the one
    for whom he returned to the realm of the dream".

  4. Its simply beautiful! 😊