Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why do we blog....?

  Was thinking about this whole blogging thing. This word 'blog' is derived from 'web log'....a place on the web where we 'log' our lives....the events, our reactions to it, the results of those reactions, our emotions and thoughts, dreams and fears, memories and hurts! And many of these are also recorded in the posts.....yet, at times, when I think of the motivation behind such an act, I wonder why? Why should I tell the whole world about what's happening in my life? Why do millions of people do it? What pushes them to share their personal stuff with total strangers? Forget blogs, why do people write memoirs? Why do we gossip about others? Why do we text each other about our intimate secrets? How come we open up with another human being and tell her/him about ourselves, and wish to know what's happening with them?

I have an intellectual answer for answer which is also deeply felt at times. It's because we are not separate but ONE. We have just fragmented, into 7 billion humans, into millions of other life forms, into trillions of particles of matter and non-matter. And beyond this Earth, we've fragmented into whole stars, galaxies, worlds and Universes!! But we belong to one WHOLE and we want to know what's happening with the other fragments. We want to tell the other fragments whats happening to us, what we saw, what we heard, felt, thought, suffered, enjoyed, experienced! There's this tremendous pull between all of us...a force greater than all our differences, fights and divisions! No matter what, we want to come together, sit together and share our the depth of the nights, before a fireplace, in that warmth!!!

Remember this next time....when you share something on facebook, or message someone, or gossip with a friend on the phone or sit with another soul and listen to their story.....remember, that you're in the middle of a deep spiritual act! An act of sharing your self with another self....and at a deeper level, you both are merging with one another, blissfully.

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