Sunday, March 03, 2013

Embrace and Surrender....Love and Accept...!!!

Once I was very angry with a friend. In fact, I was boiling with rage thinking of all the drama and dance that was happening because of him, and also was upset with a couple of other losers. In that enraged state of mind, I wrote a mail to an agony aunt. I poured my heart out, asking for advice, solace, direction etc. More than anything, I guess, I was expecting some gossip from her and also a confirmation that ‘yes, this guy deserves all your anger and rage, so go on hating him’.
She gave a simple reply which knocked me off. ‘Love and Accept him, just as he is,’ she said. ‘He is your mirror. What you see in him is nothing but what’s raging on inside yourself. So just totally accept, love and embrace that anger. Surrender to it, within yourself, and you won’t be affected by the outside garbage.'

Did I take that advice to heart?  I tried...after much time had passed, to accept his shortcomings, as if they were within me. And there were other factors which cooled down my disappointment and rage towards him and others, but what she said stuck with me. It was bloody fascinating. Come across something that irks you, and instead of fighting it, just look within, see it there, love and accept it, and voila! You’re free of it. Mumbo jumbo!!
That it wasn’t mumbo jumbo and was something for real hit me when I was sitting across a job-interview table, nervously anticipating a volley of questions, wondering which was worse----not getting a job or looking like a total fool. I had attended nearly a dozen interviews by then and was beginning to feel that I’d be stuck forever in my former organization, unable to get out of the rut. The nervousness and anxiety was quite palpable. In one or two interviews, I’d managed to answer almost all questions but had lost out because of this lack of confidence and jitteriness. So there I am, fidgeting and worrying, and then I begin to breathe deep and say to myself... ‘it’s ok, this anxiety, this nervousness. I’m loving(?) it and accepting(??) it.’

It appears hilarious from here, but believe me, it worked! Ten minutes later, when I’m answering questions on how to test software and what’s the one great thing about myself and my organization and all such stuff, I’m leaning back in my chair, one leg over the other, ABSOLUTELY RELAXED, as if I’m the CEO of that company, looking at the two ladies who’re grilling me as if they’re nervous newcomers. How did it work, I have no clue. Where did the nervousness go? The fear of not making it? The anxiety of not knowing an answer and looking like a dumb idiot? No idea! Did that concept of ‘loving and accepting’ the fear remove all my jitteriness?  I don’t know. Even before the interview got over, I knew that I’d made it, and the offer letter would pop up any time!
That this practice of ‘love and accept’ is one of the strongest mantras...I have little doubt about it. There are countless incidents of people using it to overcome very strong traits within themselves. And it has worked miraculously in physical healing as well as in nurturing strained relationships. I was talking to a friend recently who said that a wart on the leg got healed in a day when he lovingly spoke to it, saying he had totally accepted it.

We live in a weird Universe where the laws are changing rapidly before we realise what on Earth is transpiring. One law which is a constant is the law of Love. Be in its vibrations and you’ve arrived home, irrespective of what adventures you’re having, in which corner of Existence!
Love and Accept....deeply! Anything. Everything. Wanted to just jot this down when I'm trying to move more deeply into this concept.


  1. yes, good write up.

  2. The lesson is important, but very difficult to practice. For about 40 years I have been using a similar for about 40 years for about 40 years I have been using a similar mantra: “(breath in) peace, (breath out) love.” Even after all of this time a peace/love meditation doesn’t always work. I can still lose my cool, especially when dealing with bureaucrats and the lackeys of the 1%. I accept that is life, where perfection is seldom found outside of God and nature.

    Thanks for your visit to Nicks Bytes, Vishwa. I have taken your advice about PayPal, reactivated my account, and placed donation links at the top of the right-hand column of my blogs and will soon add it to Alex’s blog.

    Peace be with you, my dear friend.