Friday, February 15, 2013

Stepping into a New World...

I stand mesmerised
at the blueness of her oceanic eyes
at the vastness of her heart's sky
and the lush greenery of her smile.
 I concede... 'Can't resist you, your beauty, your magnificence. 
your charms, I can't resist.'

 And Nature smiles back.
 'Watch your words, dude,
 for the energies have changed
 and the world has leapt ahead.
 You still hung on to old words?
and the same tired attitudes...?'

'What else to say, with what words', I protest,
'the feeling's the same,
unable to stop myself,
from falling in love with you'

She whispers: 'Choose.
Always make a choice.

'Say not, I can't resist
Say, I CHOOSE not to resist
and that makes all the difference.

'Make a choice always!'

And I go, 'Wow...!'


  1. How do u manage to write such beautiful stuff ?!!! this one is mind boggling !

  2. Super Maga!! Sakat hot maga!!

  3. Sooper! :-)

  4. Love this bit of writing.
    Guess.. it is not choosing at all when it comes to love. The power of love is too huge, too vast.. sometimes it is more like a force which takes over and overwhelms. Hmm.. this choice not to resist..i doubt whether it applies. Because like it or not..somethings are more huge than us or our choices.. they just sweep over you and we have no choice but to flow with them !

  5. An announcement of love expressed as if etched on stone.

  6. Vishu.. Two years passed by after this announcement of love. :) Resistance barely worked even after trying it. Love somehow had more power than our own egoes and situations.. and love always melted all these in its way continuing to flow merrily , freely in many forms :)

  7. hehe...thanks for digging this up....I so love this poem :)