Friday, February 15, 2013

Stepping into a New World...

I stand mesmerised
at the blueness of her oceanic eyes
at the vastness of her heart's sky
and the lush greenery of her smile.
 I concede... 'Can't resist you, your beauty, your magnificence. 
your charms, I can't resist.'

 And Nature smiles back.
 'Watch your words, dude,
 for the energies have changed
 and the world has leapt ahead.
 You still hung on to old words?
and the same tired attitudes...?'

'What else to say, with what words', I protest,
'the feeling's the same,
unable to stop myself,
from falling in love with you'

She whispers: 'Choose.
Always make a choice.

'Say not, I can't resist
Say, I CHOOSE not to resist
and that makes all the difference.

'Make a choice always!'

And I go, 'Wow...!'

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